Thousands of tourists head to the beautiful island of Mauritius every year. The fascinating land is infused with gorgeous views of beaches, the richness of fauna, and some of the most famous nature reserves. It is a place for adventure enthusiasts as well as for those who enjoy the peace and calm of a beachside picnic.

Mauritius is a place that has a lot to offer for those visiting. You can do water activities, helicopter tours, andhiking in Mauritius. You can also explore the traditional marketplaces at the end of your tour to take some of the memories of your trip back home. After all, what fun is a trip if you do not enjoy the bustling culture of marketplaces and take back some souvenirs for friends and family?

The good thing about marketplaces in Mauritius is that they allow you an opportunity to nibble on the delicious traditional food and snacks while roaming around different shops. The traffic on the streets, the rush of people in shops, and the open-air layout of these markets is an experience of its own.

Where To Shop When In Mauritius?

Here are the three best spots where you can find a variety of things at affordable rates. Every tourist should have a look at these markets to learn about the shopping and fashion culture of this culturally-rich land.

1.   Port Louis Central Market:

If you are aware of the history of Mauritius, you would not be surprised by the influence of Indian culture in the region. However, unlike the overpopulated land of India, the azure blue shores in Mauritius give it a calming and peaceful vibe.

However, you may want to end the trip with a lively experience that allows you to experience chaos in this tranquil place. Port Louis Central Market is one of the most crowded and energetic places in the country.

The street of this market is abundant with stalls and restaurants. The buzzing street life with small buildings at every corner carries a whole new vibe to the rest of the island.

One part of this market is known to sell fresh vegetables, from tomatoes, pumpkins, tropical fruits, and even herbs. You will also find souvenirs like handcrafted coconut shells, fridge magnets, and masks in the front of Port Louis Central Market. Do not forget to head indoors to find food stalls for scrumptious treats. Your tour to Mauritius is incomplete if you do not try the Dholl Puri from one of these stalls.

2.   Caudan Waterfront:

Located near the harbor, Caudan Waterfront is the oldest shopping center on the island. It is a favorite of locals as well as tourists, as the area is filled with boutiques, hotels, restaurants, and cinemas. You can escape the shore for one day and come here to enjoy the lively part of Port Louis.

While strolling on the streets on the Caudan waterfront, you will also come across the Blue Penny Museum, where two of the rarest stamps in the world reside. You can also explore the fountains, monuments, and arts and crafts market to pick up some brilliant art pieces.

Once you are done shopping, you may sit by the shore in one of the restaurants and enjoy fresh fish or a sweet delicacy. The market is especially famous for its colorful umbrella-covered promenades, which are a great source of shade here as well.

3.   Bagatelle Mall:

If you are visiting from one of the Western countries, you may want to fill in on all the interesting spice powders and herbs. Once you are on the hunt for some shopping bargains, visit the local mall of Bagatelle to get some amazing deals. The mall has a food court in the open air that offers dining throughout the day.

It is situated right off the main highway M1, which forms a connection between the city and the airport. In this mall, you’ll find a movie theater, supermarkets, and various international shopping outlets.

The two supermarkets, named Food Lovers and Intermart are both great options to find value for money products, including foods and spices. Here you can purchase cinnamon, vanilla beans, and chilies at a much lesser price than at the market. You can also buy local beers and rum such as New Grove, Labourdannais, Saint Aubin, Phoenix, Blue Marlin, etc. at cheap rates.

If you need a relaxing spa at the end of the shopping session, you can head over to the Spa. A Swedish massage or a simple back massage will relax your muscles and restore your strength for the next day of traveling. The prices here are also relatively lower when compared to the luxury resorts near the market.

Here is a detailed guide about the three most visit-worthy shopping spots of Mauritius. If you are on a tour of the island, we recommend asking your Mauritius travel guide to dedicate a day to shopping in these areas. On the other hand, if you are planning a tour, you can get in touch with Flamboyant Travel and Tours to purchase amazing travel packages and hire a tour guide.