Mauritius is a beautiful island located in the Indian Ocean. The rich and colorful culture and diverse ethnicities of this region make it one of the most preferred places by tourists. The island is specifically known for its surreal beaches and natural landscapes. 

The thriving tourism in the country is due to the tropical climate, flourishing natural life, and Instagram-worthy beaches. From peaceful locations to adventurous sites, the Mauritius beaches have a lot to offer. You can either bask in the sun on a warm day or enjoy doing water activities for a thrilling experience. 

Beaches To Visit When In Mauritius:

So if you are planning to visit Mauritius this summer tp explore the phenomenal beauty of this region, you should know which beaches to visit. In this blog, we have made a list of the six best beaches in Mauritius. Each of these sites has something different to offer and will provide you with a whole new experience. 

Tamarin Beach:

The name of this beach is extracted from the Tamarin village that is located on the west coast of Mauritius. The small, culture-infused village is surrounded by hills and lies near the Black River. The beach is one of the most popular among locals as well as tourists due to its incredible beauty and black sand. It is also called the ‘Surfer Beach’ due to the powerful currents that allow surfers to have an adventurous ride. 

A keen surfer would be able to identify the two amazing surfing points on the beach, Dal and Black Stone. You may also find some beautiful and friendly dolphins underneath the turquoise waters. The serene beauty of the beach at sunset will make you draw in a sigh of pleasure at the end of a long, fun-filled day. 

La Cuvette Grand Bay:

Grand Bay is in the North of Mauritius and is one of the most popular attractions for tourists. La Cuvette is a small beach located near this town. If you are in the city, make sure to head to this beach to enjoy its tranquility and dazzling waters. 

In case you are the kind of person who would rather lay on a rug at the beachside and listen to the waves away from all the noises, you would love this place. The shiny sand beside the azure waters alongside green cliffs is something every nature lover seeks. Visit this beach for a quiet evening by the shore.

Flic En Flac Beach:

Flic n Flac beach is in the Riviere Noire district that is present in the west of Mauritius. It is one of the longest beaches on the island and lies in close proximity to Tamarin beach. So while you are here, you can also take a small ride or a walk to do some water sports at Tamarin beach as well. 

Both the beaches, when combined, form a beautiful lagoon that is blessed with impeccable views and amazing coral reefs. The place is ideal if you want to watch the sunset by the bay. You can also swim or go snorkeling to add some thrill to your visit. 

Gris Gris Beach:

The beach is identified by its widespread beauty and beautiful shoreline. You will find pristine blue waters shining splendidly under the warm rays of the sun when you visit this location. The Gris Gris beach is found in the southern part of Mauritius, near the village of Souillac. 

Additionally, the green fields and majestic cliffs located around the coastline provide you with exemplary views and magnificent sites. The beach is specifically popular due to its spectacular rock formations, which further add to the beauty of this site. 

If you love to explore natural beauty, you can visit this tranquil beach to enjoy the coastline as well as the lush gardens around it. Experience incredible tranquility while listening to the hypnotizing sound of strong waves striking against rocky cliffs as you walk down the shore of Gris Gris beach. 

Grand Bay Public Beach:

In the district of Riviere du Rempart lies the coastal village of Grand Bay, where you’ll find this beach. The enduring beauty and liveliness of the beach make it a favorite of many locals and tourists. You can do various catamaran activities or go boating with the family while you are here. 

The ethereal beauty combined with various opportunities for water sports makes it a must-visit place. You can be anywhere in Grand Bay and the beach will be easily and quickly accessible to you due to its convenient location. The sparkling blue waters surrounded by a large number of restaurants and hotels make this beach energetic and pleasantly crowded.

These are the top five Mauritius beaches to visit. If you are traveling to Mauritius in the near future and would like to plan a trip with a professional guide, head over to Flamboyant. We will not only help you with the processes of the trip but will also offer affordable packages for a memorable experience.