We’ve all heard the name Mauritius and even googled it quite often to look at the amazing beaches, exotic wildlife, and the vast variety of flora it has to offer. However, did you know the fact that Mauritius is a volcanic island? Well, that’s right. Mauritius was formed a million years ago by the eruption of volcanoes. 

There are many other islands in the vicinity that were formed in the same way. However, Mauritius is the largest of them all. 

Thinking of traveling to Mauritius? Here are a few places you should absolutely not miss!

5 Places That Are A Must Travel!

The UnderWater Waterfall

You definitely need to see this. This waterfall is absolutely grandiose and will surprise you. This place makes one wonder how much the world has to offer mankind. This waterfall is not an actual waterfall but an optical illusion. It seems like the water is actually pouring down and beneath the water but that is not the case. 

The pressure of the water currents is causing the sand and silt to pour along with the water, giving it the appearance of a waterfall. 

If you plan to visit Mauritius, you should definitely go to see this. This waterfall, however, cannot be seen from the shore. There are many tours and travel services available that will take you to see the waterfall through a helicopter. 

The Seven Coloured Earths

These are basically a number of different colored sand dunes. How many colors of sand have you seen? Most people will probably say “brown”. Well, this unique sight would surprise you then. The colored dunes of Mauritius prove that brown is not the only color sand comes in. 

So how many colors are these sand dunes in? As many as seven different colors! Fascinating! They come in hues and tones of red, violet, blue, brown, green, yellow, and purple. These dunes were formed as a result of volcanic activity, which brought a number of different elements together and gave them a rare appearance. 

Another interesting feature of the dunes is that they never change their color or erode, even though Mauritius sees frequent rains. To protect the dunes, fences are placed but visitors can still see them admire their striking and contrasting colors. 

The Le Pouce

This is also known as “The Thumb”, and standing here, one is able to see the entire view of Mauritius. You have to hike up, but it will barely take an hour or two and the surroundings are extremely beautiful and relaxing. You could even stop by to have a small picnic before moving on.

The hike begins from a pretty field of sugarcane and ends in a grassy field. If you are wondering when you can go to visit this trail, fortunately enough, Mauritius has a good climate all year round and the trail is open all year for anyone who would want to visit.

It is a very soothing hike and you will encounter nature and other natural beauty along the way. For people wanting to get away from the crowded life of cities, this is a cool idea as you will not meet a lot of people along the way. You and your loved ones can enjoy, picnic, and do whatever you feel like. 

For people who want great pictures, the top of the mountain is an ideal place for great pictures and photoshoots. All your friends will be so impressed!

The Pereybere Beach

Mauritius has one of the best beaches in the Country. There are so many to choose from depending on your preferences. However, this is one of our favorites. 

Consisting of amazing sandy beaches, and clear blue water, this beach is the answer to all your beaching needs. Nearby are great villas, shops, and restaurants you could go to have a snack at and chill with a nice drink. 

The ideal time to reach would be in the early morning and choose a spot in the shady area, so you can have fun on the beach the whole day.

There are also a great variety of water sports available, such as deep-sea fishing, kayaking, and scuba diving. All the couples and adults planning a trip to Mauritius, you’d be quite interested to know that this beach has great nightlife. Trust us, you are going to have so much fun!

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