Mauritius is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The country is built on an island and thus, makes up a great honeymoon spot as well. Due to its impeccable beauty and natural charm, Mauritius is one of the favorite places to visit for tourists. 

You can fly to the country during the holidays to experience its blue lagoons, picturesque national parks, and diverse cultural and religious orientations. The residents of this region belong to varying cultural backgrounds, infusing Indian, French, Chinese, and African influences into its culture. 

Additionally, there isn’t necessarily any best time to visit Mauritius because the island features favorable weather conditions all year long. The tropical climate was a major magnet for Europeans in the earlier centuries, making it home to a variety of cultures. Between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the region was ruled by the French, Dutch, and British people, contributing to its rich historical background. 

There are various historical landmarks and symbols, each representing a particular influence. If you are a sucker for history, your visit to Mauritius is sure to bring you a significant amount of joy. 

Places To Experience Mauritian History:

Have a look at the following places to get a glimpse into the rich history of this island nation.

  1. Baie De l’Arsenal:

Arsenal Bay, as the name suggests, is a bay area that carries the remains of a French Arsenal.  It lies in the North of Mauritius and is one of the less-popular historical spots in the region. However, the place is definitely worth a visit for those who like to explore historical ruins.

Arsenal was an old village where a French foundry operated hundreds of years ago. It developed different kinds of cannons and military supplies for decades. In 1774, it exploded, killing 300 slaves in total. Today, the visitors of Arsenal Bay are allowed to visit the grounds to have a look at the ruins. You can stay in Hotel Maritim if you are planning a stay in the localityl. 

  1. La Route Du The’(Bois Cheri):

La Route du The’ features one of the richest tea plantations in Mauritius. As you head from Riviere des Anguilles, you will come across the most gorgeous tea gardens, featuring fields of green leaves over an extended area of land. You can request your tour guide to plan a trip to this place, so you can learn about its deep-rooted history. The rich vegetation is a sight on its own, making it one of the most aesthetic and historical places to visit on the island. You can also sample teas once the tour comes to an end. 

  1. St. Aubin House:

The plantation within St. Aubin is a historical marvel that dates back to two hundred years ago. It is a factory whose lawns, which were once a part of a bungalow, now contain a rum distillery. Here, you can explore a vanilla house, a tropical garden as well as a spice garden. 

Once you reach the premises, a guide will help you tour around the place. Between this tour, you’ll also come across the popular sugar factory that once supplied sugar in the region. The tour ends with a five-course fresh meal, featuring banana, pineapple, and mangoes. 

  1. Martello Tower:

Martello tower is a five-pillar structure that was built by the British back in the 1800s. The main purpose of its construction was to protect the British colony from the French that wanted to make them slaves. 

The tower now stands at La Preneuse as a museum. The architecture of the museum, featuring three-meter thick adjacent towers, is a marvel on its own. Once you visit here, you’ll learn how the copper cannons were operated to shoot at a wide range of 2 km. 

  1. Citadel Fort:

In the nineteenth century, the British built this building, which is also called Fort Adeliade by many. This former military land now provides amazing panoramic views of Port Louis. You can have a look at the harbor from the top of the building, where boutiques have been built from old barracks. 

Here is a breakdown of the five most interesting historical spots in Mauritius. If you want to know more about Mauritian history, you can hire a tour from Flamboyant. We are one of the most trusted travel agencies in Mauritius because of our quality services and reasonable packages