The North of Mauritius is filled with luxury hotels, villas, and guest houses where you can have a comfortable stay after taking a tour of the place. If you are someone who loves white sand beaches and water activities, you should visit the North of Mauritius. 

The contrasting beauty of this island attracts tourists and travelers. Whether you love history, cultural diversity, adventurous activities, or delicious food, you are going to have a lot of fun on this side of the island. 

While we recommend visiting all poles for varying experiences, the North of Mauritius is a must-visit. You will find the best hiking spots in Mauritius here. Additionally, the beaching will be impeccable and the comfort of hotelling will make you want to stay a bit longer on this island.

Where To Go When In The North?

The North of the island is infused with various sites, including scenic views, historically rich museums, and national parks. There is a lot to explore in this part of the island. If you are in Mauritius and wondering which sites are worth visiting, here are the top picks for you.

Port Louis:

Port Louis is the capital city of Mauritius and is known to be the busiest place on the island. It was chosen as the capital because it makes an appropriate administration and business hub. When you visit the North, be sure to have at least one night’s stay in Port Louis to enjoy the bustling city life. You will encounter various religious structures, political buildings, and festivals while in the city. Explore the lively markets, colonial houses, shopping malls, and the best racetracks while in the capital of Mauritius. 

Le Caudan Waterfront:

Caudan is a beautiful space filled with restaurants and markets. It is a commercial development center within the capital city, where you’ll find various banking facilities, shops, casinos, cinemas, and hotels. The streets of this site are filled with food stalls and restaurants where you can sit by the sea view and watch the reflection of the sun in the water while enjoying your food. 

Additionally, you can visit the beaches nearby to get a glimpse of the blue waves and white sand. If you are not sure whether Mauritius beaches are public, the answer is yes. You can take a visit to Mauritius beaches with your travel buddies whenever you like.

Citadel Fort:

This fort was built back in 1840 and was named after Queen Adelaide. However, it is commonly referred to as the citadel by locals and serves the strategic purpose to guard the harbor. It stands 240 ft above the level of the sea and offers breathtaking views of the city and the harbor. The worn-out barracks within this strategic point have been restored to build boutiques and other interesting shops.

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden:

The garden rich with tropical botanical species is situated in the North of Mauritius. You can reach this garden easily from any place within the island, as its routes are quick and convenient. 

Find giant tortoises, bats, and monkeys in this botanical garden. These are some of the rarest animal species, but are largely found in the Pamplemousses. Hire a guide to have the best exploring experience. While in the place, you can also visit the Insectarium where they have gathered the largest collection of odd-looking insects and beautiful butterflies. 

Grand Bay:

Grandbay is a village that is a commonly known tourist place. The emerald water and the buzzing nightlife are what make this place so lovable for visitors. You can explore the market here, where you’ll come across 50-year-old shops. This place is a hub for shopping lovers with traditional local shops, modern shopping centers, as well as world-famous brand outlets all spread out on the streets. If you want to collect some souvenirs as memories or gifts for your family or friends, this is the best place to come to. Aside from shopping, Grand Bay is also home to the best bars and nightclubs on the island. 

Chateau de Lambrdonnais:

This historical mansion will help you get a glimpse into the colonial period within Mauritius. The place has been beautifully restored to preserve its splendor and history. You will get surprising insights into the details of the island’s history. You will also learn about the family that owned the property. The tour ends with a tasting food bar where you can experience the flavor of products from the orchards.

To sum it up, there are various places to go in the North of Mauritius. It is a great space to explore during the holidays to refresh and relax. If you want to take a tour of the beautiful island of Mauritius, get in touch with Flamboyant. We offer impeccable and affordable travel packages to Mauritius.