Mauritius has made it to the attention of many tourists due to its pristine beaches, lush forests, and wildlife-rich national parks. Aside from that, one can do numerous activities here, from hiking to scuba diving and helicopter rides, the possibilities for fun-filled activities are wide. 

The island country is also characterized by a colorful and diverse culture that attracts many people from around the world. This diversity is also highlighted in their food, which is a combination of Indian, Dutch, African, Mediterranean, and French. It carries some influence from each continent, making it one of the best places to enjoy delectable food.

Many restaurants in the region serve traditional dishes, but not everyone does it the best. That is why, you must be aware of the most popular restaurants in Mauritius to be able to have an authentic experience. 

Where To Eat In Mauritius?

For an impeccable culinary experience on your Mauritius trip, have a look at the restaurants mentioned below. Tasting native food is one of the most exciting parts of a foreign trip, so, make sure to visit these places if you are a food lover. 

  1. Escale Creole:

If you want to taste the most authentic Mauritian food, this restaurant is a must-visit. It serves the finest dishes, with exceptional plating and taste. It is not only famous for its local dishes, but also serves a variety of international cuisines. 

So, if you want to see how your native food is made in this part of the world, or are just looking to enjoy Mauritian food, Escale Creole can be your best option. Your family dinner or friend’s hang out will become a lot more fun with the scrumptious food cooked by outstanding chefs at Escale Creole.

  1. Le Chamarel Restaurant:

If you’re in the city for your honeymoon, a dinner night at La Chamarel will bring all the romantic vibes you need during this time. The place is popular for its gorgeous views and amazing food. 

Aside from providing the best ambiance, the chefs here are experts at creating the most delicious savories and dishes in town. So, come here with your significant other and enjoy the dull music, calm vibes, and delicious food. 

  1. Le Fangourin:

Another great restaurant to visit on your Mauritius trip is Le Fangourin. The place serves appetizing food and tasty delicacies, while providing a clear view of the central plateau mountains. 

The restaurant is built in the middle of century-old vegetation, and thus, features a green outlook and an exclusive pond. The dishes here are cooked with freshly picked vegetables and fruits, and that is why, they have the most gratifying aroma and taste. 

  1. Le Château de Bel Ombre:

The restaurant is located amidst Heritage Le Château, which was built thousands of years ago. The management has renovated this place into a contemporary fine dining restaurant now.

You can head over to this spot with your significant other, or you can take the entire family for a luxurious eating experience. An epicure is sure to be delighted with the variety of gourmet dishes served at this restaurant. It also features a special menu created by David Toutain, the Michelin starred chef himself.

  1. Le Flamboyant:

This place is built within the property of Sofitel So. It is located in Bel Ombre and features an exquisite interior. It is known to be one of the most eccentric eateries in the country, with a beautiful dining area from where you can have a view of the azure lagoon and indoor pool. 

When it comes to food, Le Flamboyant chefs have mastered the art of cooking Mauritian and French dishes. Additionally, if you are a vegetarian, you are likely to find something here that matches your taste. Each plate comes with a surprise that features the innovation of one of their expert chefs. The wide dining area is perfect for large families, as well as couples. 

  1. Mon Plaisir Restaurant:

If you’re more of a buffet person, head over to Mon Plaisir to enjoy a thematic buffet that contains a variety of continental dishes. You will find that the restaurant doesn’t just offer local food, but also serves a whole range of global dishes on their buffet counters. Aside from that, the Instagram-worthy outdoor space will make your experience a lot exciting. 

Here are our top-rated Mauritian restaurants. If you are on the hunt for good eateries in the region, visit these spots for a memorable dining experience. 
If you are still planning a visit, you can apply for travel packages through Flamboyant. There are various fun things to do in Mauritius, which you can enjoy through our affordable tour packages.