Mauritius is an excellent place for food lovers. If you are a food lover and are currently in this Island country, you might be aware of cafés and restaurants in Mauritius. Tourists coming around the world prefer Mauritius for its natural beauty, but its food spots are also a significant reason for them to be here.

Mauritius is highly appreciated for its delightful cuisine, as you can find all your favorite foods here. Whether you want Asian and European cuisine, you can find the relevant restaurants on the Island. By conducting deep research on a range of cafés, bars, and restaurants, we’ve got a list of the best restaurants in Mauritius for you.

The Best Restaurants You Should Try In Mauritius

We explore some off-the-grid restaurants in Mauritius that you can try and get an authentic experience on this attractive Island:

  1. Safran Restaurant

Safran Restaurant is the best if you want real Indian cuisine. The restaurant features a perfect dining ambiance and delicious menu, making it one of the top Indian restaurants on the Island. Here, you’ll find an authentic Indian vegetable menu and enjoy the real Indian taste in a modern open dining setting. A highlight of this location is the dome-styled dining space with a wooden ceiling, reflecting the intricate patterns and designs.  

  1. Rasoi by Vineet

Indian culture has had a meaningful impact on Mauritius tourism and hospitality. Therefore, you’ll find many Indian restaurants on the Island. Rasoi by Vineet is another Indian restaurant which is located on the coast. The variety of fresh vegetarian foods and the views of Mauritius from its setting are two distinct aspects that make it a perfect place. In addition, the best music makes the restaurant an idyllic place where words fail, and music speaks. Besides, it is an excellent restaurant in Mauritius if you want a wide range of modern Indian dishes.

  1. Domaine Anna Restaurant

Domaine Anna Restaurant opened in 2002 and has grown fast, specializing in Chinese food. It has become one of the most preferred restaurants among foreign visitors and locals. You can visit the restaurant to enjoy traditional Chinese flavors and dishes if you love Chinese food. Although traditional Chinese food is the benchmark, you’ll also find some Chinese items with a mix of traditional and modern tastes.

  1. Chateau Mon Desir

Chateau Mon Desir is regarded as the perfect dining hub of Mauritius, making it one of the best restaurants on the Island. In addition, the restaurant is also famous for having an exceptional wine cellar. And if you have a plan for brunch with your friends or family, you can also enjoy the delicious Sunday brunch. The classic royal ambiance further makes the restaurant perfect for romantic and family dinners.

  1. Le Capitaine

Le Capitaine is another famous restaurant on our list. The unique aspects of this restaurant are its wonderful views of the Indian Ocean and exquisitely fresh seafood. You’ll find a wide range of seafood here. Visitors claim that they gained more than a fine dining experience, and the variety of seafood served here will keep you coming back for more. In addition, the restaurant with an oceanic view also gives you the freshness of air and keeps you fresh while enjoying your seafood. The colors and tastes give a different lively look to the restaurant at night, allowing locals and visitors to enjoy the fresh seafood with colorful cocktails.

  1. Roti Aka Vinoda

Roti Aka Vinoda is a small restaurant that you can find in a food court in Port Louis. The restaurant welcomes an overwhelming number of the footprints daily due to its newly made flatbread served with piping warm chicken. Other best items include vegetarian, lamb, and fish curries. Another branch of the restaurant is located on the Flic en Flac beach. The most important aspect of the restaurant is that the flatbreads are made fresh and live.

Final Words

Mauritius is an ideal tourism sport for all, especially those who love food. Here, you can find all kinds of cuisines, including local, Chinese, Indian, and others. We have shared a list of a few best restaurants you can visit on the Island, but you can find more according to your taste and preferences.  

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