The island country residing in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius, has a lot to offer to tourists. Aside from gorgeous landscapes and pristine beaches, the island is also rich in cultural diversity. Their cuisine incorporates Indian, Chinese, African and French influences due to historical impacts and geographical location. 

The diversity in Mauritian food is praiseworthy. Mauritian was first inhabited by the Portuguese, who found an empty island now referred to as the “melting pot of flavors. Over the next few decades, British and French rule brought in indentured enslaved people from Africa and South Asia here. All these people started settling on the island, and brought with them their own food influences, which were later mixed together to form a new cuisine called Creole. 

What Foods Should You Try In Mauritius?

As a tourist, you will come across different cuisines served in restaurants in Mauritius. But the key is in trying dishes from every culture in order to enjoy the real essence of Mauritian food. Here are some must-try dishes to try in Mauritius. 


Curries are the soul of Indian food, and they are widely available in Mauritian restaurants as well. It is a reminder of the slaves that migrated from India to make a living in a new place. However, Creole curries are a bit different from Indian curries. The spice is not as strong, and their base is made of onion, garlic, and curry leaves instead of onion and tomatoes.

These delicious dishes created in vegetarian and meat varieties are often served with bread. If you’re a tourist in Mauritius, you must try the famous octopus curry at Gris Gris beach. It will give your taste buds a pleasant tinge.


Another product of the Indian influence in Creole cuisine – farata – is a version of the Indian dish paratha. It is often used as bread to go with curries or chutneys (a spicy blend of herbs and spices). Most Indian-inspired restaurants in the region serve farata as a side dish or appetizer as well. You can find them on the streets of Port Louis or other major city hubs. 

If you’re in search of a good farata place in Mauritius, we recommend trying it at Ile aux Cerfs island, House of India located in Trou aux Biches and La Chaumiere Masala Restaurant.

Bois Cheri Tea:

Bois Cheri dates back to 1895 and was inaugurated as the first tea plantation in Mauritius. It is now identified as the Bois Cheri Tea Factory. This place grows the highest quality organic black tea today. To counter the bitter taste of tea leaves, the tea is flavored with imported flavoring to make it more palatable for its users. 

Reserve a day for the tour of the Bois Cheri tea factory and then head over to Bois Cheroi cafe’ to try this traditional Mauritian tea. Their vanilla flavor is a must-try. You can also buy some stock to take home later. The taste definitely clings to the tongue after the very first use. 

Dim Sums:

Dim Sims is an evolution of Sino-Mauritian cuisine, served in almost all Chinese restaurants on the island.  They are bite-sized flour dough pouches filled with either vegetables or meat. You can order them in the steamed as well as fried versions, depending upon your personal preference. Restaurants often serve dim sums with chutney as a side. You can dip it in the sauce to savor the tongue-pleasing taste of this yummy savory dish. 

Dm sums are called Momos in China. The recipe is the same in Creole cuisine as well, but the Mauritian influence is also mildly highlighted in the dim sums served at the restaurants of Port Louis or other cities of the island. Head over to Canton in Port Louis, Asian Restaurant in Pointe de Flacq, Kind Dragon in Quatre Bornes, or Chez Patrick in Mahebourg to try this succulent Chinese dish. 


It is no secret that island seafood is fresher and more delicious than the seafood served at non-coastal areas. If you miss out on Mauritian seafood on your visit to the island, you might just regret it for the rest of your life. 

You can find curries, stews and fried dishes in Mauritian seafood. Some must-try foods are Vindaye Poisson, Vindaye ourite, crab curry, fried squid, coriander and chili fish, etc. If you’re in search of the best seafood, we recommend going to seaside food stalls. This is where the fish is fresh, and the taste is incomparable.

Coconut Cake:

Drinking coconut water directly from coconut is a standard tourist experience for Mauritian visitors. But aside from that, you must also try coconut cake from a restaurant to enjoy the freshness of this tropical fruit in a different form. Mauritian coconut cakes are made by grating coconut and sugar together and using it in the cake batter and cake toppings. 

Here are the six must-try foods from Mauritius. If you’re planning a trip this summer, you can head over to Flamboyant Travel and Tours. We have a variety of travel packages for you. You can also connect with our tourist guide to get food recommendations.