Mauritius is often compared to heaven due to its beautiful landscape and amazing natural beauty. Lots of honeymooners come to this place each year for the gorgeous beaches and the adventures that this place has to offer.

This paradise on earth is an Island residing next to Madagascar. From outdoor adventure to fine dining and luxury resorts, Mauritius offers a lot of varying experiences. You can also enjoy sightseeing in Mauritius with family, friends, or your better half. Find the most exotic birds, giant tortoises, and other rare animals here in their natural habitat.

Activities such as horseback riding, snorkeling, hiking, and surfing are some of the favorites of people who visit this Island. Not only that, the delicious food that incorporates Indian, French, Creole, and Chinese cuisines makes this place worth a visit.

Mauritius Places You Do Not Want To Miss:

If you are considering visiting this island for your holidays, book your tickets as soon as possible. You are sure to love your stay in this beautiful place. If you are confused about what places to visit in Mauritius, here are the best six options to consider.

1.   Pointe d’Esny and Blue Bay:

As Mauritius is most commonly known for its beaches, it is only fair to visit Pointe d’Esny and Blue Bay while you are on the visit. You will find a well-preserved blue lagoon through these white coastline beaches. The entire area is filled with luxury holiday homes, that are brimming with tourists throughout the holiday season.

Blue Bay features the best coral reef formation in Mauritius. Not only that, but it is also famous as a snorkeling spot. The village of Mahebourg sits right opposite the Blue Bay. You can experience the traditional life in this historical village, with open markets and locals dressed in their cultural outfits.

2.   Black River Gorges National Park:

This forest spreads across 6000 hectares of land. If you love nature and animals, this is a place you do not want to miss out on. It is the best option to explore the natural beauty of Mauritius and its unwavering wildlife. With over 300 species of flowering plants, this national park proves itself as one of the naturally rich native forests.

From the endangered pink pigeons to giant fruit bats, you will find almost every rare species in this region of the island. If this forest is on your list, we recommend getting good hiking shoes to witness excellent panoramic views of the Mauritius waterfalls in the sea, mountain peaks, and gorges.

3.   Blue Penny Museum:

Blue Penny is composed of varying exhibits that are not only interesting but also, historically significant. The museum is named after the famous Mauritian One and penny stamps developed in 1847. This museum exhibits the history of the Mauritius island, with details about the exploration of the region to settlements and the times of colonial rule.

4.   Grand Baie:

This is a famous tourist place now, whereas 20 years ago, it was a humble fish village. The reason for its popularity is that this place has a lot to offer, from beaches to excursions and various major attractions.

 Visit the Aquarium and the interactive museum of L’Aventure du when in this area. Grand Baie also offers diving, sailing, windsurfing, and waterskiing for water lovers. The lively nightlife and fun evenings make this place among the top five visit-worthy places in Mauritius.

5.   Casela Nature And Treasure Park:

If you love animals, this place is for you. In this wildlife-rich place, you can do a safari mini-bus tour to explore the much-talked-about wildlife in Mauritius. You will find lions, zebra, ostrich, elephants, and hippopotamus here. Enjoy quad bikes and play with herds of deer if you are adventurous enough.

6.   Champ de Mars in Port Louis:

If you are someone who is interested in sports such as horse races, this is the place to visit. This racecourse features some of the most competitive and fierce races by the local participants. It is the second-oldest racetrack in the world and the oldest in the Southern Hemisphere.

You can enjoy horse racing with drinks and canapés in your hands. You can even bet on the horses if you think you are lucky enough to land a jackpot. The electric atmosphere at Champ de Mars even lures in those that are not a fan of horse riding.

These are the top six places to visit in Mauritius. While in the region, you can also enjoy underwater Mauritius waterfall illusion in Le Morne Peninsula located within the Southwestern coast of the island. If you want to visit this culturally and environmentally rich island, get in touch with Flamboyant. We will provide you with the best and most affordable travel packages to this wonderful place.