Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean and is an extremely popular honeymoon destination. That is because it has one of the best and most beautiful and breath-taking lagoons, exotic coral reefs, waterfalls including the fascinating and very renowned underwater waterfall in Mauritius, and amazing wildlife. 

Here are a few reasons why Mauritius should definitely be on your places to visit list for 2022!

Why Should You Visit Mauritius?

Mauritius Is Extremely Safe

Safety and security is perhaps the most important concern of anyone traveling abroad. Mauritius is probably one of the safest countries in Africa and you will have no trouble there. Crime rates are very low, and mugging and terrorism risks are also very unlikely. In addition, Mauritius is pretty safe for females traveling alone. Hence, when it comes to safety, you need not worry at all. 

No matter how safe a country is, you still need to be vigilant and alert to your surroundings. But that is the rule for traveling anywhere. And you do not need to practice any extra precautions if you plan to visit.

It Is Not Just For Newlyweds

Most people think Mauritius is just a honeymoon destination where newlyweds go to enjoy their time alone. Contrary to popular belief, that is not true. Even though Mauritius is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations, that is not what it is restricted to. 

Mauritius is an ideal place for people who like wildlife, beaches and a peaceful place to visit. If you plan to go on a solo trip, or with friends and family, trust us, you will LOVE it!

It Has Lovely Beach Weather All Year Round

Even though, the best time to visit Mauritius is in the months at the end of the year, preferable from October to December.

However, if you are unable to get offs in those particular months, or got married in a different month, Mauritius would still be a good option. Know why? It’s because Mauritius has a subtropical climate all year round. This means it always has sunny weather with blue skies and pretty clouds. You could travel in May and still enjoy it the same way as in other months. Amazing, no?

It Has Some Of The Best Beaches

The reason tourism in Mauritius is so famous is because it offers something to everyone. Even with beaches, everyone has a different set of expectations. If you are there with your spouse, you probably just want to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. However, if you plan on going with friends or are parents of excited children, you would want to go to a beach that offers more activities and entertainment services. You will not want peace and quiet and want a more happening beach.

The good thing with Mauritius is that there is something for everyone! Some beaches offer kite flying and windsurfing, some even give you the option of surfing on the waves. There are other activities you could do like snorkelling and parasailing. Basically, Mauritius offers a solution to everything you need and desire. 

There are also more secluded beaches to watch the sunset in peace and enjoy with your significant other. Extremely romantic, if you ask us!

The Underwater Waterfall Is Extremely Fascinating

We believe this deserves extra attention. This waterfall is located on the island’s southwest and is what you would call the perfect illusion. Sand and silt are falling off into the water from the ocean floor and it feels like they are falling down into a waterfall. 

This, however, cannot really be seen properly from the shore and helicopter tours are offered for this purpose. We would recommend you to definitely go for this because it is beautiful and a completely different experience. 

Exotic Food

Food in Mauritius is different compared to the food that you are used to. This will give your tastebuds a completely refreshing and different experience! 

One of the most famous dishes in Mauritius is the Bol Reneverse, which is also known as the magic bowl. It consists of rice and stir-fry sauce containing many different vegetables. The egg topping completes the dish and it’s honestly delicious!

If you want to try street food, don’t forget to try the Dholl Puri and Roti, which are Indian styled flatbreads containing an amazing and mouth-watering filling. This is extremely good in taste and also easy on the pocket.

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