Mauritius, the embodiment of ethnicity and elegance, is the most diverse vacation spot and unquestionably tops every traveler’s list. 

Mauritius is an ideal place to spend your leisure and unwind in its natural beauty. It is known for its vibrant aura, magical shores, and charming lifestyle. Any beach in Mauritius can be your most pleasing vacation escape if you’re seeking a luxurious getaway. The resorts by the bay and the upscale cafes won’t let you down. The littoral part of the island is known for its diverse flora and wildlife, peaceful locations, excitement, and calm atmosphere.

Mauritius is the ideal destination if you’re considering a beach vacation because it has some of the best beaches in the world where you can take in the wonders of nature.

Here are some of the top Mauritius beaches you must visit:

Blue Bay 

Blue Bay is one of the most well-known beaches in Mauritius due to its emerald blue waters and white sand. The island, nestled along Mauritius’ southeast coast, is the ideal location for an adventure where you may engage in watersports and beach activities.

Small, colorful fish may be seen along the coasts thanks to the water’s translucence and clarity, and many marine species are making their way to the beach. Scuba diving is the best pastime you can try because the beach is home to various aquatic life. For a tour of the ocean, glass-bottom boats are also available.

Tourists can enjoy a relaxing weekend on a public beach while enjoying the mesmerizing coastal views.

Santosha Bay

One of Mauritius’ most well-liked beaches is Santosha Bay, also called Tamarin Beach. Thanks to the unique combination of emerald hues and white, fine sand, this beach is a great family destination known for relaxation and sunbathing.

The beach is the ideal honeymoon location in the world due to its romantic attractiveness.

The thrill-seekers who wish to go swimming and surfing will love this beach. The area is noted for its natural beauty and the clear, deep blue waters of the sea, in addition to being perfect for adventure. Locals and visitors can be seen lazing on the beach and enjoying the sunshine. You can get on a boat at the coast to observe the dolphins.

Belle Mare

Belle Mare is well-known for its stylish resorts. This beach has the most transparent water in Mauritius. Long Beach resort in Mauritius is one of the famous resorts near Belle Mare. Long Beach Resort can offer you a variety of rooms and family suits and has a kids club. 

La Cuvette

La Cuvette, one of Mauritius’ best family-friendly beaches, is located northwest of the island, close to the community of Grand Baie. Le Mauricia Beach, also known as Royal Palm Beach, is a hidden gem where you can locate the best resorts and villas in Mauritius for your vacation.

The beach offers the most incredible adventure and countless activities for a fun-filled day, despite being a remote location. Football and other beach games can be played in a grassy area on the soft sand beach. Visitors are welcome to swim, but no underwater activities are accessible here. The weekend will see locals visit for picnics or overnight stays.

Grand Bay

Grand Bay, a pristine and unexplored beach in Mauritius, is situated in the upscale and sophisticated town of Grand Baie in the Rivière du Rempart District. 

The best tourist destination in Mauritius, the beach is recognized for its bustling nightlife and picturesque beauty, attracting people to spend a fantastic vacation there. Due to its prime location, Garand Bay Public Beach is well-known among tourists.

The nearby fishing boats and tourists make Grand Bay Public Beach a little crowded. Even so, one can enjoy themselves while enjoying the coastal town’s mesmerizing splendor. 

Along with boating and catamaran activities, the beach offers a bustling water sports adventure with views of stunning blue waves, wide lagoons, and sparkling sand.

Le Morne

The ideal place in Mauritius to visit if you prefer excitement and pleasure is Le Morne Beach. The beach is well known for its dramatic scenery due to its surreal beauty and grand view. 

It would be best if you went there in October or early November because of the excellent weather. 

Le Morne is one of the destinations for hikers and trekkers, and adventure enthusiasts for water sports and beach activities. Astonishing views of Mauritius’ entire island can be had from Le Morne Brabant’s outcrop. You can trek up to the peak to appreciate the location’s peace.


With many different activities and adventures available, beaches can be great fun. Mauritius’s ideal vacation spot draws visitors to relax in its enchanting beauty. The beaches of Mauritius serve as a living illustration of how beautiful nature is.

These coastal reaches on the islands are ideal for any traveler because they give you a huge space to unwind and experience the excitement and splendor. 

The famed coasts of the island have cafés and restaurants, luxurious homes, and every type of recreational amenity to make your vacation memorable. So book your flights immediately and depart for a fantastic beach getaway.