Port Louis is the capital city of Mauritius and a major attraction for tourists. The city is filled with multiple spots that offer varying experiences to first-time visitors. If you are on the island, getting away from the palm-fringed beaches and oceans to explore the historic sites and nightlife is going to give you a distinctive experience.

The city is located towards the Northwestern coast and has various great attractions for tourists. It is important to know that Mauritius has a lot to offer other than the beaches and forests. You can also enjoy going to bars, nightclubs, and luxury restaurants for an unusual experience.

While most travelers skip Port Louis when in Mauritius, we recommend paying a visit here to uncover the city life of the island. From local street food to the lovely alleyways of Chinatown, the city is blessed with lots of art and history.

What To Do In Port Louis:

If you like the bustling nightlife, tall buildings, and historic landmarks, Port Louis should be one of your travel destinations in Mauritius. A lot of people feel like the city does not have much to offer, and that is why we have created this blog to bring forth all the fun things you can do in this city.

1.   Shopping At Central Market:

Central Market features one of the largest displays of varying products in Mauritius. Here, sellers put up stalls and sell all sorts of things from souvenirs, fresh produce, and jewelry. You will encounter some of the oldest shops in this market that have been in place for 50 years or more.

The ground floor is filled with a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Whereas vendors on the first floor sell souvenirs or crafts. The best part is that the prices here are quite cheap, so you can buy to your heart’s content. If you get hungry during shopping, head over to the food court to find an amazing variety of traditional Mauritian snacks and dishes.

2.   Street Food Tasting:

The island’s food is known to combine Chinese, Indian, African, and European influences in itself. Port Louis is the best place to go if you want to taste original Mauritian food. The streets here are lined with food stalls and restaurants selling different kinds of dishes. From Faratha to Briani and Dholl Puri, you are going to find everything here that will give your taste buds a novel kick.

3.   Explore Street Art:

The culture of street art in Port Louis has significantly evolved in the past few years. The old and rustic buildings and walls are now being designed with colors to restore their splendor. The art highlights the cultural heritage and traditions of this little island and its people.

While Chinatown is the famous hub for street arts of all kinds, you might be able to find some on Sir William Newton Street or Bourbon as well. So if you love taking pictures with creative and thoughtful street art, visit Port Louis in Mauritius.

4.   Visit Chinatown:

China town is also one of the biggest attractions for visitors of the city. While it is not as energetic as the ones in Asian countries, it is definitely worth a visit when in the city. The New Chinatown Foundation has put in a lot of effort to bring that vigor and excitement back to this place.

The colorful trash cans, art-infused walls, and largely spread food stalls are all proof that their efforts have not been in vain. Tourists love to explore this part of the town for the amazing art displays and Sino-Mauritian food. They can also enjoy doing various fun activities in the Chinatown Food and Cultural Festival that takes place annually in Chinatown.

5.   Madurai Mariamen Temple:

With the vibrant colors and excellent architecture, Madurai Mariamen Temple is absolutely breathtaking. You can tour this architectural exhibit of the Hindu religion to learn a bit more about their beliefs and practices.

The attention to detail in the mosaics, carvings, and statues of the temple is truly mesmerizing. You can walk from Caudan Waterfront to the temple on your way back to the hotel to explore this stunning building.

6.   Hike At Signal Mountain:

Signal mountain offers one of the easiest hikes in Port Louis. The path is well-built and lined with pavement to allow the visitors an easy climb. After a thirty to forty-minute hike, you will come across the most pristine and breathtaking view of the entire city. That is why it is a must-do activity in Port Louis.

So if you are traveling to Mauritius in the near future, add Port Louis to your must-visit places list. You are sure to enjoy your visit to the spectacular city which has a lot to offer. If you are planning a visit, get in touch with Flamboyant to get the best deals and travel packages.