Willing to take a break from your hectic routine and travel to a nice place to relieve some stress? What better way to spend your vacation than with a drink in your hand and ocean waves breaking on the beach in front of you? Right? We at Flamboyant Travel and Tours have the right packages for you to enjoy in Mauritius. We are well-versed on the subject of Mauritius tourism, and have got you covered if you’re planning a trip to Mauritius and aren’t sure what to do! Furthermore, we’ve compiled a list of the best locations to visit in Mauritius based on your interests.

Places To Visit In Mauritius

A family vacation brings everyone together and strengthens their bond. A trip to Mauritius accomplishes just that! Spend time with your loved ones in one of the world’s best destinations and discover places in Mauritius to visit that will leave you with beautiful memories for a lifetime.

Mauritius Botanical Garden

Bring your children to this botanical garden, known initially as Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden, named after the nation’s first Prime Minister. It is one of Mauritius’s most popular tourist destinations, particularly among families with children.

There are 650 plant varieties that can be found, including lilies, palms, sugar canes, Baobabs, and others. Take a stroll through the botanical garden and let your children run around. Hire a guide to learn everything there is to know about Mauritius’ horticultural wonders.

Casela Nature Park

Casela Nature Park allows you to discover Mauritius’ diverse wildlife. Explore this natural preserve in search of the jungle’s king. Seeing lions scout their way through the woodlands is a must-do on your family visit to Mauritius. Remember to avoid brightly colored apparel and dress in a way that blends in with nature to prevent attracting animals’ attention.

There are also many exotic plants, flowers, and over 1500 different bird species. The park truly has everything that animal and nature enthusiasts could want.

Le Caudan Waterfront

Take your family to Le Caudan Waterfront if you enjoy shopping. Visit this shopping destination on this island nation in addition to the beautiful lagoons and beaches of Mauritius. If you wish to buy good quality stuff and visit the most excellent locations in Mauritius, Port Louis is the place to go.

Le Caudan Waterfront is a commercial shopping and entertainment complex that offers shops, movie theatres, casinos, cafes, restaurants, and other forms of pure entertainment to keep you and your family entertained.

Fort Adelaide

Well known by the name Citadel Fort and is one of the must-see family attractions in Mauritius. Fort Adelaide, named after Queen Adelaide and built in the nineteenth century, is a piece of cultural heritage in Port Louis.

It is reported that the British built this harbour to avoid any mishaps caused by the island’s left-behind French population. Take a journey to this fort to see the panoramic views of Port Louis. Appreciate Mauritius’ cultural diversity and go window shopping at the charming stores.

Mauritius Aquarium

Visit the Mauritius Aquarium to see numerous species of marine life preserved in well-lit tanks and pools. Take a walk around the aquarium to see aquatic creatures like the Crown squirrelfish, Batfish, lobsters, crabs, butterflyfish, clownfish, and many more via a glass. Kids will like the fish feeding activity, which takes place daily from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

You can see Giant Moray eels and sea turtles. The Mauritius Aquarium also has a ‘Coral Cafe’ and a gift shop where you may buy souvenirs.

Mauritius Sugar Museum And Factory

Sugar Museum is one of the most unusual locations to visit in Mauritius. Take your kids to the Sugar Museum if you want to give them one of the best experiences of their lives. This museum, which dates back to when sugar was equal to gold, is a must-see for historians.

The museum displays the 350-year history of the sugar experience that the entire country witnessed. Following a 1.5-hour tour, you can participate in sugar and rum (for adults) tasting sessions.

Alexandra Waterfall Mauritius

Refresh yourself at the Alexandra Waterfall in Black River Gorges National Park, about 700 metres above sea level. View the water falling over the rocky outcroppings and take photos of the waterfall in the background.

The rich greenery and breathtaking natural beauty of this waterfall in Mauritius will excite you; it is one of Mauritius’s top tourist attractions for families. We also recommend that you spend quality time with family at Plaine Champagne and enjoy delicious Chinese Guava/Strawberry Guava known as ‘goyave de chine.’

Mauritius is full of surprises, and we guarantee that you’ll have a fantastic experience without any doubt. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your vacation now with Flamboyant Travel and Tours, as we are one of the most trusted travel agencies in Mauritius