Mauritius, one of the most beautiful islands in the world, is the type of multi-faceted location that is equally suitable for families as it is for couples on honeymoon.

Mauritius rises like a vision from the Indian Ocean, contributing to its tremendous allure. It’s easy to understand how early sailors may have felt when they first saw its beaches and palm trees, jungles and mountains, reefs, and natural horizons.

Mauritius was also a leader in multimodal island tourism, mixing the escapism of a luxury resort by the sea with deep cultural depth outside the resort gates. Aside from the beaches, you may immerse yourself in Mauritius’ fascinating historical background, unique conservation success stories, sizzling hot culinary delights, and mountains of Mauritius.

Dive the West Coast

A magnificent lagoon surrounds Mauritius, and the shallow waters are both gorgeous in their own way and offer fantastic diving at the reefs on the lagoon’s rim. The waves crash towards the horizon along Mauritius’ west coast. The drop-off where the lagoon meets the open ocean is a world of underwater cliffs teeming with an incredible variety of marine life. For the best dives, start with Flic en Flac, including La Cathédrale, a great place to see scuttling lobsters.

Live In The Moment On Rodrigues

Rodrigues, one of Mauritius’ most remote areas, appears to exist in a different time and place from the rest of the island. The pleasures of day-to-day living and connecting with the land and the people who live in this calm outpost are central to life here. Spend your days enjoying boat tours to nearby islands, interacting with gigantic tortoises, shopping at Port Mathurin’s Saturday market, or diving and snorkeling off the south coast or along with La Passe St François. While there are lots to do in Rodrigues, a large part of its allure stems from something much simpler: the thrill of simply being here.

Hike The Black River Gorges

Black River Gorges National Park, located in the forested interior of Mauritius, is a precious and protected environment only a half-hour drive from the beach. Many natural species of flora and animals live in its deep forest, including three endangered bird species: the Mauritius kestrel, the echo parakeet, and the pink pigeon. Watch for white-tailed tropicbirds flying high above the gorges or pink pigeons by the route as you stroll through woodlands and past waterfalls.

Head To The Mountains Of Chamarel

One of the most satisfying days out in Mauritius is a trip to Chamarel, which is located away from the coast. Chamarel has an increasing culinary reputation thanks to many casual family-run dining rooms and fine-dining restaurants hidden away among the trees high in the hills and with beautiful views down towards the shore in parts. The famous colored sands at Terres de 7 Couleurs, Mauritius’ odd museum of illusions, and the Rhumerie de Chamarel, a fascinating, eco-friendly rum distillery, are reasons to visit.

Explore An Untouched Wilderness On Île Aux Aigrettes

Île aux Aigrettes, located on the lagoon’s edge just off Mauritius’ pristine southern shore, offers a glimpse of the ancient and untamed Mauritius that met early explorers. The old-growth ebony forest here is a reflection of how the main island looked before European colonists arrived in the 16th century. The forest was restored as part of a government-backed conservation initiative. It now protects various endangered bird and mammal species.

Relax On The Beautiful Beaches

Mauritius’ famous beaches wrap the island like a garland. Every resort has them, but there’s so much sand that you’re never far from a tranquil public beach where you can share the sea with local picnicking families rather than swarms of visitors. The east coast has the most options, although southern beaches are quieter and wilder, while the west coast is significantly better for those searching for water activity.

Sample Mauritian Creole Cooking

Mauritian life is defined by its diversity, and the island’s cultural melting pot comes to life in the island’s culinary story. Dining in the Mauritian kitchen is both a true delight and a globe-trotting experience. The island is home to world-class chefs and an abundance of places to enjoy native delicacies and staples. If we had to pick just one location to sample, it would be chef Marie-superb Ange’s home-style cooking at Chamarel’s Restaurant Le Barbizon.

Imagine The Past At Mauritius’ Historic Mansions

Mauritius was uninhabited until the Dutch acquired possession of the islands in 1598, and it remained a colony of the Dutch, French, and British before obtaining independence in 1968. Under the European administration, massive sugar and tea estates filled every available pasture in the Mauritian interior. French-style colonial palaces guarded these coveted plantations, which are now some of the Indian Ocean’s finest architectural treasures.

Final Words

It would be great if you have already planned to visit this majestic place. Don’t forget to experience these activities and places mentioned above. 

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