Mauritius is a great place for beach lovers. That is a known fact. However, it also has a lot to offer to the hikers. Various hiking trails are spread all across the region to allow visitors to explore the true beauty of this place. The entire island is equipped with green fields, thick forests, and mountainous areas.

While on the hike, you can explore the impeccable natural beauty and wildlife. The trail lengths are both short and long, but the view at the end of each is breathtaking. You might end up with a beautiful panoramic view of a waterfall, forest, beach, or gorge.

If you have explored the beachy waves and want to go beyond and explore the island further, consider an excursion hiking in Mauritius. You will come across endless spots and opportunities that often go unnoticed. The untouched nature of Mauritius is something one should explore when in the region.

Where To Hike When in Mauritius?

The pure and unaltered green landscapes, animal habitats, and rustic mountains are something you do not want to miss.  That is why we have created this guide to help visitors identify the best hiking trails in Mauritius. The inspiring sights will have you craving for more of nature and the magical experience.

1.   Le Morne:

Le Mourne is a mighty mountain that sits on the Indian Ocean. It is located near the Southwest region of the Island and has become a famous hiking place currently. Between the 18th and the 19th century, this place functioned as a shelter for maroons and runaway slaves.

Le Morne Brabant offers 360-degree views of the hills, forests, and beaches of Mauritius. This is also where you will find the most talked-about underwater waterfall. The stunning view of green landscape and clear blue seas makes this hike worth a try. If you are into hiking, you do not want to miss hiking on this mountain trail.

2.   Tamarin Falls:

The trek to Tamarind falls is a journey that most people want to experience again and again. As you walk on this trail, you will come across various parks and natural habitats of various animals. The entrance inside these parks is prohibited in order to preserve the space for animals.

The best part is that the walk is not very uneven, which means that it is a relatively safe hike. You can enjoy walking along with the lush green gardens and have a thrilling and enjoyable experience. The trail also features exotic vegetation and rarely found birds. You will find yourself awestruck at the end of the journey. As if the trail itself is not worthwhile enough, you will also come across a breathtaking waterfall view at the end of it.

3.   Piton De La petite Riviere Noire

This is the highest peak of Mauritius island that is at a height of 828 meters. The mountain stands tall at the far West of Black River Gorges and incorporates green meadows and lush forests throughout its trail.

The trek can be divided into two parts. The first part is mostly characterized by shady trails that are surrounded by rich vegetation. The journey to the top is as scenic as the final view itself. While walking, you will come across farming landscapes and green gorges.

The second part is a bit harsh and slippery but will expose you to various viewpoints, including the Morne Brabant and the Black River Gorge. The scenery consisting of lush green hills and soaring escarpments will peak as you climb through the mountain path.

Finally, the last part of the trek will lead you to the top of  Piton de Petite Riviere Noire. Here you will witness a 360-degree view of the amazing landscape of Mauritius.

4.   Alexandra Falls:

Despite being one of the most visited places on the island of Mauritius, Alexandra falls is yet to build its image as a hiking spot. This is partly because this place offers a different hiking perspective. From the bottom of Alexandra falls, the multi-tiered waterfall can be visualized. The water flows down and hits a steep cliff that is filled with lush green forest before finally falling into a pool at the bottom.

So if you are looking for hiking trails in Mauritius, this blog can be your guide. People often get occupied with the beaches of this Island and forget that there is a lot more to explore. If you love to hike and are looking for affordable hiking packages, get in touch with Flamboyant.