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Discover the South of Mauritius

Best Places. Best Experience.

Fly to Mauritius and come visit the South Side with us.

Visits to Mauritius should bring you in touch with a heavenly experience. All that you see on Instagram and Facebook should come alive when you come to visit the place. After all, when you spend the money, you should feel that it gets spent well.

We are here to make your South Mauritius Tour a heavenly one. With us, you shall feel so good that you’d not want to go back ever again.

Flamboyant Travel & Tours is known to deliver experiences that leave permanent memories in mind. That’s what we’d like for you to have as well. When you book our services, we make sure that you return with happy faces and a chic Instagram feed.

Why Visit South Mauritius?

Mauritius offers amazing opportunities for relaxation and adventure to the tourists. There are several boating options, clubbing options and even options for shopping.

But if you come to Mauritius and just shop from the malls and leave, then you waste your trip. There are several places that you can visit to have a lovely trip. But why choose South Mauritius as a definite place to tour?

Truth be told, you don’t want to miss out on a piece of heaven. South Mauritius is one of the most beautiful places that exist on earth. You can just come here and get lost in nature. If you want, you can enjoy absolute silence over here.

It’s basically a treat for those who’d like to let go of all responsibilities for some time and just enjoy the right place and the right company.

Some of the lovely places here are Grand Bassin, Le Morne, Chamarel Waterfall, and Gris Gris Beach.

Why Choose Us?

We know how to make your tour an enjoyable one. Come and experience the South Side with us. We’ll satisfy your cravings for nature as well as cater to your exploratory needs. In the South Side, you can find several surreal tourist places that you can experience with us.

Now the question arises: why should you choose us for your Flamboyant South Mauritius Tours?

The simple answer? We are committed to our business. We aren’t in it to just make money out of our customers. We are here to make sure that the clients have the best experience. That’s the reason why our business thrives and grows year after year.

Book Your Tours Right Now!

Flamboyant travels and tours shall ensure that you see the best places to visit in South Mauritius. We know what shall make your experience worthwhile, and we are ready to deliver you that.

With us, an amazing vacation in Mauritius is just a call away. Book our services over the call or visit our website.

Let us know your requirements, and we’ll go leaps and bounds to see through that you have the best time. Nothing short of that!