Mauritius is the perfect place to visit if you love to do water-based activities. Aside from kite surfing, surfing and diving, one can find numerous opportunities for fishing as well. People visit this beautiful island not only to bask in the sun beside the beach or enjoy the tropical weather and rich culture, but they also come here to explore the wide variety of fishes. Mauritius has been ranked as one of the greatest big-game destinations in the world due to the wide variety of fishes found here.

While fishing in Mauritius is the major source of income for many locals, it is also one of the favorite pastime activities for tourists. People go to the shores with their fishing gear and enjoy the yummy barbecued fish right at the beachside. You will also find pirogues, the traditional fishing boats of Mauritius at some of the famous fishing spots.

Go Fishing In Mauritius:

When it was noticed that more and more tourists are interested in experiencing fishing in Mauritius, angling was replaced by big game fishing. This added more thrill and excitement to the already enjoyable activity of fishing.

You can choose from a plethora of options available to tourists. You can either do fishing along the shore with locals, try jigging or go for the big game fishing. The last one is a lifetime experience that happens on one of the four Mauritian fishing banks on a half-day or full-day excursion. If you want, you can catch the fish and keep it, or release it after a successful seize.

As a tourist, you will find various consultation companies here that will guide you through the process of taking a fishing trip on the island. Visit Flamboyant to find out the best deals for tourists wishing to go fishing in Mauritius.

Best Places To Go Fishing:

Here is a list of the Mauritian fishing spots that are a favorite of locals and tourists.

1.   Le Morne Brabant:

Le Morne Brabant is found in the Southwestern region and is known to produce many fishing legends. As you head farther to the coast, the waters get deeper and deeper. You will also witness the most spectacular underwater waterfall in Le Morne Brabant. You can either go into the deep waters to find bigger fishes like Marlin or stay on the shore to catch Trevally.

2.   Black River:

Black River is as popular as Le Morne among the professional anglers in the region. This is a starting point of the coast that has a lot to offer in terms of fishing. It is located on the West Coast of the island and offers convenient access to the deepwater fishing grounds. Here you may be able to find some common as well as rare fish species, like Yellowfin Tuna, Marlin, Mahi Mahi, GTs, etc.

3.   Poste Lafayette:

If you are not a deepwater person and want to stay on the shore, Poste Lafayette is the best fishing spot for you. Anglers in search of an opportunity to cast inshore Trevally can come to this place for fishing. You can also fish off the public beach while in Poste Lafayette. The space is perfect for those who get seasick but also want to experience the thrill associated with angling.

4.   Soudan Banks:

Head over to the Soudan Banks for an adventurous fishing session. The spot is perfect for those who seek thrilling experiences. The place is located 100 miles from Mauritius and is efficiently stocked with game fish. These remote reefs are abundant in Big Giant Trevally, Marlin, Tuna, and Sailfish. You will also find a lot of other species in the waters, but these are the most common.

5.   Grand Baie:

The north of Mauritius has a lot to offer, with local islets like Gabriel, Coin de Mire, and Flat. Start your trip from this region to experience some of the most exciting fishing excursions on the island. If you opt for big game fishing in Grand Baie, you might end up catching big players like Marlin, Tuna, and Mahi Mahi. The waters are essentially filled with large and small fishes of all kinds, so try your luck here and enjoy the fun-filled fishing episode.

Legalities For Fishing In Mauritius:

The fish you catch in a boat is the property of the boatmen. You can ask the captain if you want to save your catch for dinner. You do not need to have a license or permit if you are going shore fishing. However, it is important to know that spearfishing is not legal in Mauritius.

A South Indian Ocean Billfish Competition happens every January on the island. This is the high season for Marlin and will also increase your probability of catching a monster Billfish. So if you are a tourist who would like to take part in this competition, you can register yourself as an angler.

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