You’ll experience what it’s like to be sitting on Mother Nature’s lap when visiting Mauritius. With its numerous beaches and Mauritius waterfalls that connect to the sea, this place is like a tropical paradise. 

In addition, you can go hiking, play golf, or watch the renowned Champs de Mars races. There are 49 islands near Mauritius, most of which are sparsely populated. Also, Mauritius mountains are something that catches the attention of the visitors. 

To learn more about the things Mauritius is known for, continue reading.

Bowl Renversé

The mouth-watering bowl renversé, which loosely translates to “upside-down bowl” in Creole, is a must-try during your visit to Mauritius. You’ll be drooling over this delicious Sino-Mauritian delicacy after just one bite. Sunny-side-up egg on top, chicken chop suey in the centre, and basmati rice at the bottom make up this dish. 

The most excellent part of bol renversé is that the chicken suey may be swapped out for seafood suey or vegetarian suey. It is a beautiful sensation to eat it with the egg’s golden yolk running down the edges of the chicken suey and basmati rice, though. Serve it with a tomato salad or green chilli paste.

Several Languages

Multilingual Mauritius has a rich cultural heritage if language is the road map of society. The majority of Mauritanians are multilingual or trilingual, which will surprise you. There is a significant intercultural interchange because workers from other nations travel to Mauritius to work on sugarcane plantations. 

People started speaking many languages as a result. French or English are the official languages of Mauritania and are spoken by almost all of the population. The Mauritian Creole with a French foundation is spoken by over 90% of Mauritanians. Marathi, Malayalam, Mandarin, Hindi, Bhojpuri, Telugu, Urdu, and Tamil are among the additional languages that the people of Mauritania speak.


Aromatic tea and plantations are famous in Mauritius. For as low as $10, you can purchase high-quality tea. 

The highlands and environment of the island nation are perfect for growing some of the best tea leaves in the world. 

Watching traditional tea-making is intriguing because many tea farms date back more than a century. Get high-class tea produced with freshly harvested, all-natural tea leaves of the highest quality and flavour. 

White Beaches

Mauritius is the ideal location if you wish to enjoy the beaches. There are a lot of gorgeous white beaches. Additionally, it provides various activities for tourists, including kite flying, boating, and windsurfing. 

Most of Mauritius’ white beaches are found in the north, bordered by eucalyptus and casuarina trees. The spotless, white-sand beaches that drop into the warm, turquoise water lie east. The south features unspoiled, expansive nature, and the west has shallow water with golden sand.

La Morne

You can go and have an underwater waterfall tour of La Morne. Southwest of the island, off the shore of Le Morne, Mauritius presents a breathtaking optical illusion.

The way that sand and silt from the ocean floor run down gives the impression that a waterfall is gushing down the island or being sucked into a huge sewer.

All that drives the spectacular image is the way underwater currents move. Even if the ocean water seems fantastic from the shore, getting a helicopter flight is necessary to appreciate this particular vista. That is the sole purpose of the tours.

A Comfortable Atmosphere

Mauritius enjoys lovely tropical weather all year round, so you can go there whenever you choose. It will surprise you that there is rain in one area of Mauritius while there is a clear, beautiful sky in another. 

The weather can suddenly change due to the island’s microclimate. Surprisingly, the winter season in Mauritius lasts from May to October, and the summer season lasts from November to April. Despite the small seasonal change, the coastal regions are consistently four to five degrees warmer than the central plateau.


The traditional Mauritian meal known as rougaille has several different names. It pairs well with any food because it is a tomato-based dish with many spices. Non-vegetarians can eat it with eggs, prawns, and sausages, while vegetarians can eat it with salads. The majority of Mauritians adore this tasty dish. It consists of various spices, including onions, ginger, garlic, coriander, chilies, curry leaves, and spring onions. Don’t skip this delicious tomato sauce to make your trip to Mauritius memorable.

Take in the splendour of the protected lagoons located within the third-largest coral reef in the world. As you relax in Mauritius, take in the splendour of the clear beaches and the azure ocean. Spend some healing time away from your problems in this beautiful natural setting.