Everybody knows how Mauritius is stunning. This island country offers many exciting hiking and trekking tours in its naturally stunning locations, including parks and reserves, the basaltic mountains, and other attractive spots. Each site offers an exclusive panoramic sight of this most beautiful paradise.

You know Mauritius for its golden beaches, crystal-clear lagoon, coral reefs, mountains, and blazing sun. Well, the time has come to venture inland to discover its dense nature, waterfalls, and heights. Explore the best hiking spots in Mauritius in this blog.

Explore The 5 Best Hiking Spots In Mauritius

Here are some adventureful hiking spots you can visit on the Island and get a wonderful experience in your life:

The Seven Waterfalls

This exciting hike requires good physical health and the tourist guidance service if you want to know more about the location. You can plan half a day for the four waterfalls and a full day for the seven waterfalls, including swimming and picnic breaks to make the most of the place. Between the abundant nature and the waterfalls, this walk really offers a breath of fresh air. Most daredevils can even abseil down the waterfalls. In addition, this trip also offers you the best Mauritius underwater waterfall diving opportunity to experience sharks. One of the most exciting locations is South West, off the west coast of Island between the Tamarind Bay and Le Morne.

The Black River Gorges

As you go deeper into the national park, you will see nature change and become denser. It is, after all, the largest nature park on the island. You will have the choice between different routes. The Mare Aux Joncs route, for example, leads you to a waterfall where you can take a bath. No matter which way you prefer, you will most likely see big green cateaux (endemic birds of the island), monkeys, and bats. Indeed, The Black River Gorges is the best spot for hiking!

Lion Mountain

Don’t miss this Lion Mountain, which is an integral part of the decor of Vieux Grand Port and its surroundings. This mountain culminates at 480meters altitude, and it takes around 4 hours to climb its summit and descend. This hike is quite physical and could make people afraid of heights uncomfortable when crossing the mountainside. On the other hand, the view at the top is impressive: the lagoon stretches to infinity to become one with the blue of the sky… simply magical! Don’t miss this mountain to get the wonderful experience of hiking.

Le Morne Brabant

Le Morne Brabant Mountain was inaccessible after its inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2008. This mountain is the symbol of Maroons and resistance to slavery. In mid-2016, it was opened to the public. The mountain has become a must for travelers and hikers. Suppose the first part of hiking leading to a plateau is accessible. However, the second stage requires energy and, above all, the desire to indulge in a little climbing (and to come back down on your buttocks)! On arrival, at an altitude of around 550 meters, the famous white cross awaits you and, above all, a panoramic view of the island’s southwest.

Le Pouce (The Thumb)

The “Thumb” of Mauritius is located near Port Louis, the island’s capital city. It will entertain you by providing a 360-degree view of the entire island. The iconic mountain in the center of Mauritius has always been a favorite walk for hikers. Up to 2 hours of walking is required to reach the mountain’s peak at 812 meters and see the beautiful landscape of Mauritius with a 360° view. Hikers can see the northern coast accompanied by islands that lie off its shores.

Final Words

We shared the best hiking spots in Mauritius, and we hope this blog will help you plan your next trip to the Island to choose the best hiking locations. Indeed, the advantages of tourism in Mauritius are many. Hiking will let you engage more directly with locals, the natural beauty, and the island’s diverse cultures. The popularity of hiking also comes from travelers’ needs for physical and healthy activities during their travel. Whether you prefer the flat or the climb, the shaded paths or the unobstructed views, Mauritius is full of hiking trails… it’s up to you to explore them!

At Flamboyant Travel & Tours, we’ll guide you on everything about your Mauritius tour and hiking. By preferring our services, you can book your spots on the island to get the best experience. We’re always within your reach to help you explore the beauty of Mauritius. Contact us today!