Chamarel is one of the beautiful villages in Mauritius, situated in the Riviere Noire district on the island’s west coast. The scenic attractions and beautiful places compel the world tourists to visit this place. The village has many sights worth seeing, like the Black River Gorges National Park and the Seven Colored Earth. Chamarel is also known for its locally grown coffee, which is famous worldwide. And one of the top income sources of the locals of Chamarel is coffee farming.  

Chamarel in Mauritius is also known for its rural beauty and lush landscapes. You can make your Chamarel’s trip fantastic by reviewing this blog that lets you know some attractive places in the village. 

The Best Tourist Attractions In Chamarel, Mauritius

Based on the popularity of Chamarel among locals and foreign visitors, we have formulated a list containing 5 amazing places to visit in Chamarel. If you are in Mauritius or have a plan to visit, you can get the best experience by visiting the following spots. Fuel your soul with travel and explore a different world!

Le Morne

People who love water sports should visit Le Morne beach in south Mauritius. The beautiful Le Morne Mountain also makes this beach a perfect spot for swimming. This place is known for some sports activities, including windsurfing and kiteboarding. If you are a sports-savvy person, it is advisable to be aware of different sports activities held here to enjoy the fullest. Le Morne beach and associated places in south Mauritius are perfect for nature lovers, as these places have rich flora and fauna.

Black River Gorges National Park

If you’re a photographer or wild adventure is your style, you should not miss the Black River Gorges National Park. This park is among the most famous attractions in Chamarel. This park spanning more than 65km is simply the best for photogs who love nature and its colors. Likewise, the park is also ideal for researchers, as they can approach the park field stations to learn more about the national park. Another exciting aspect is that this park is a perfect place for hiking and camping.

While hiking, you can also find wild pigs and rusa deers. You can also see some of the endangered species of birds and animals.

Trou Aux Cerfs

Trou Aux Cerfs, located in Curepipe, Mauritius, is a 605 m high dormant volcano. It has a crater around 350m and 80m in diameter and deep, respectively. This place is famous for jogging and exciting jeep tours around Crater Lake. Experts say Trou Aux Cerfs could erupt anytime within the next thousand years.

Chamarel Colored Earth

If you are currently in Mauritius, visit Chamarel Colored Earth in south-western Mauritius. The Seven Colored Earths in the village are a geological creation and the most preferred tourist attraction. Located in the Chamarel plain of the Rivière Noire District, it is a relatively small area of dunes with seven distinct shades. This attraction may also put you in a trance. The shades are not prominent enough due to the island’s tropical climate, but you can observe the seven colors. 

An exciting aspect of the multi-colored sands is that they do not mix and always separate into colored layers. The best time to see these different colors is when the sun directly lights up this place.

Rochester Falls

You can enjoy Rochester Falls near Port Louis with their natural beauty. This beauty makes this place worth a visit. You can relax your mind in the lush greenery and spend some unforgettable moments under the falls. The flank rocks standing out in the whole scenery are the main attraction. You can also dive in the cool waters if you are a waterfall lover. Indeed, the sound of a waterfall is best to take you away from a noisy world.

Final Words

We have shared some attractive places to visit in Chamarel in Mauritius. These tourist attractions will let you have a fun time on your getaway and make your trips to Mauritius absolutely excellent. Before going out to see the beauty of Chamarel, don’t forget the attractions we shared in this blog. 

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