Mauritius is a beautiful Indian Ocean island known worldwide for its fabulous beaches, stunning lagoons, and captivating reefs. Most travelers visit this part of the world for tourism.

Hiking is one of the most common activities they like to do. The question here is what sort of hiking you want to do in Mauritius. It is essential to know different types of hiking, although joining hiking groups in Mauritius is an approach to get guidance.

Hiking can be classified by its difficulty and distance covered. So, knowing the different hiking types is very important if you are an enthusiast of this activity. This blog will explain the different types of hiking you can learn about to make your Mauritius tour unforgettable.

Different Types Of Hiking

In Mauritius, you will find different routes and trails, allowing you to classify and define hiking in three groups: long-distance, short-distance, and local hiking. We also take guided and self-guided hiking into consideration in the blog.

Long-Distance Hiking

A long distance in hiking is extended to dozens of kilometers. It is usually planned for several days like a week. This approach to hiking can include several circuits of short-distance and local trails. These programs typically include spending the night in camps, tents, or mountain huts.

For your information, this hiking activity is not very touristic because of its difficulty level. Generally, this type of hiking is recommended for people who know hiking very well or have good physical health.

Short-Distance Hiking

This type of hiking is usually a short route. You will need to have a half a day or 1 day to cover the distance. This type of hiking has marked and easily accessible trails. This hiking is always a great approach to connect with your more natural self. Most people prefer this hiking distance because of the short distance and capture the best moments of life.

Local Hiking

Local hiking is a type of hiking that covers 10 km. Only a few hours are required to enjoy this hike. It is usually represented as a short circuit or walk through a local area or close to your place of residence. You can find marked trails protected by a government authority in most cases. This hiking is also suitable for the common public. If you are a beginner and want to go hiking, local hiking is the best option.

Guided Hiking

You can find many environmental tourism agencies that carry out activities where a guide or leader directs the tour. In Mauritius, these agencies always ensure hiking groups’ care, safety, and entertainment.  These agencies have the legal licenses to operate in the region and highly trained, certified personnel who guide you.

It is advisable to carry out the first activities with your travel guidance agency. The agency is responsible for offering security and a pleasant experience for its users. They are recommended for novices or those with little knowledge and understanding of hiking.

In Mauritius, you can find professional agencies or groups of hikers who carry out all long-distance, short-distance, and local hiking. These groups are usually made up of professional hikers, with a leader as a guide. These groups or agencies typically have one or more leaders who take their role as guides and teach the paths to the other hiking group members.

Guided hiking is an excellent way to become a hiker. Although you have the experience, getting the support of a tourist agency will be a prudent approach for your hiking in Mauritius.

Self-Guided Hiking

You can also create your own self-guided hiking to visit attractions of Mauritius that interest you the most. If you have hiking experience and have traveled hundreds of trails with ecotourism groups and agencies, we are sure you will be tempted to take your first self-guided tour.

Self-guided hiking is one of the most common practices where you or your friends venture to walk a trail independently. You do not have any support and guidance from an expert hiker who knows the route. However, self-guided hiking is also a safe practice because you are directed through clear trailhead signals for the trails. Overall, this form of hiking is safe and suitable for experienced hikers.

Final Words

We hope this blog will play an important role in guiding you about the different types of hiking. If you have decided to visit Mauritius, do not forget the support of a travel guide. To get a Mauritius travel guide, contact Flamboyant Travel and Tours.