In 1888, Joseph Conrad was captain of the barque Otago when it was commissioned to sail to Mauritius with general cargo and return with the sugar cargo. Conrad, also a legendary novelist, shared his thoughts about the beauty of Mauritius and defined it as ‘the island of fortune.’ Indeed, he was not wrong, as heavenly beaches, coral reefs, mountains, and Port Louis in Mauritius are something that captivates the mind and attention of tourists. 

Mauritius Island, 900 kilometers east of Madagascar, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, is a paradise on earth and turned into an island country. Traveling to Mauritius with your family is one thing you must do once in a lifetime. It will be a great joint experience that you will not forget and will only bring you together. If you are thinking of vacation ideas for summer, do not ignore this perfect destination and consider heading to the middle of the Indian Ocean. In this blog, we tell you what to do once there.

The Captivating Spots And Best Adventures In Mauritius 

Here are some spots you can visit and the best adventures you can do to get a wonderful experience in your life. Explore right now!

Explore Heavenly Beaches In Mauritius

Among the best in the world, beaches in Mauritius have incredible fine white sand that beautifully contrasts with azure waters and painted skies. Mauritius is also a well-known destination for a honeymoon, where you can spend the golden moments of your life. 

The island’s beautiful beaches, like Mont Choisy, Belle Mare, and Le Morne, have all kinds of environments, making them perfect for a family trip. Take the opportunity to take a ride on a catamaran (a unique multi-hulled watercraft) and keep a complete vision in your mind of its landscapes with palm trees and casuarinas.

Go Inland: Gorges Of The Black River National Park

Gorges Of The Black River National Park has 60 kilometers of trails through humid forests that await you and your family to spend a day of adventure. You can also find picnic spots in the park with all kinds of natural attractions to be amazed. 

On your route, don’t miss the Chamarel waterfall and the land of 7 colors, striking multicolored sand dunes perfect for exploring with the family. Indeed, you will feel like you’re in a fantasy movie. This visit will give you the opportunity of the best adventures to do in Mauritius.

Learn To Dive In Its Coral Reefs

Another adventure on the island is the practice of snorkeling. It is widespread in Mauritius, and you can practice it in the coral lagoon surrounding the entire island. You will find the colorful fishes that will attract your attention while enjoying a beautiful underwater landscape and nature. 

You can also go by boat to the Deer Island and practice parasailing. Parasailing in Mauritius is one of the best adventures to experience the island from a different perspective.

Climb A World Heritage Site Mountain – Le Morne Brabant

Le Morne Brabant is perhaps Mauritius’s most adventureful, famous, and photogenic mountain. Undoubtedly, its more than 500 meters in height and characteristic morphology are well worth a visit. You can contemplate it from afar or encourage yourself to ascend, and it’s up to you. However, we recommend you climb the mountain to get the real height experience. You can hire a local excursionist to do it and enjoy the views.

Discover The Capital: Port Louis With Diverse Cultures

Founded at the end of the 18th century by French settlers, Port Louis is a beautiful, the largest city and capital of Mauritius. A walk through its streets and the port will make you realize the multiculturalism that is breathed. Yes, this city has many diverse cultures tracing back several centuries. 

The city was successively ruled by the Dutch, the French, and lastly, the English. All of them left behind their traces. You will find French-speaking on the street, whereas their official language is English. The aspect of multiculturalism is also evident in its gastronomy, which we encourage you to try. If you want to know the city’s history, the Blue Penny Museum helps you understand it.

Final Words

We have shared some stunning spots and the best opportunity you can benefit from to do adventures on the island of fortune. Whether you want to climb Mauritius Mountains, discover heavenly beaches, dive in its coral reefs, or do anything with your family, just do it.  

Flamboyant Travel & Tours will guide you on everything about your Mauritius tour. You can trust our services and book your Mauritius spots to enjoy your visit. We always strive to give our respected guests the opportunity to discover Mauritius’s local culture and beauty. Contact us today!